By Margot Santos & Violaine F Grainville

Because taking care of your well-being, yourself & your image can also go through cosmetics, 90 Suits Paris has drawn up its list of French cosmetics brands to absolutely adopt… In this high selection of skincare, haircare, make up & more, you will find our recommendations of products most of all natural, organic, vegan &/or eco-responsible!

best French cosmetics

Amazing facials among the best French cosmetics

First, Make It Beauty

It is an ethical, green & holistic cosmetics like a modern day apothecary.


Opt for Mawena with its natural, organic & vegan products inspired by Mayan beauty rituals.


A range of natural & certified-organic skincare made in France with love.


Healthy & glowing skin that starts from the inside with Aime.

Yonka Paris

100% French treatments by Yonka Paris constituting a real alternative to certain medical aesthetic techniques.

Finaly LeBon

Naturally sweet toothpaste for a perfect breath.

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Awesome, the greatest products for the body

Les Huilettes

Made in France, these cosmetics can be applied from head to toe.

Placentor Végétal

A brand based on vegetable placenta with exceptional benefits for the skin.


For an optimal sun protection which facilitates tanning.


Soft, innovative & planet-friendly solid body products.

La Rosée Paris

It’s a simpler, more effective & more responsible cosmetic offer & therefore less superfluous.

Enfance Paris

Finally ! Natural treatments dedicated to children from 0 to 12 years old.

best French cosmetics

But also the must have haircare

Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris

These are high-performance formulas for both women & men.

Les Secrets de Loly

If you have curly, wavy, kinky or frizzy hair, this brand is for you…


Its magic ingredient? The prickly pear known & recognized for its antioxidant properties due to the presence of vitamin E.

Delphine Courteille

Discover natural products made in France by an exceptional hairdresser.

Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is know for its conic luxury products.

Finaly Madame La Présidente

A highly sought-after range of in & out products, in particular its hair food supplements.

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Makeup, the staples of the best French cosmetics

First of all Le Rouge Français

A refined, organic & consumable plant-based formulation.

Kure Bazaar

Beautiful & healthy nails over fashion & trends by Kure Bazaar.


100% French formulas sourced from sustainable farms, Typologies make up but also skin & body care are simple, considered & effective.

Oh My Cream

Oh My Cream Skincare offers a minimalist but clean, caring & easy to use daily make up products.

La Bouche Rouge

Highlight your natural beauty with clean & curated essentials. La Bouche Rouge is natural, elegant & affordable luxury make up celebrities approve.

Violette Fr

Elegance, daring & inspiration in each woman sublimated by a French house that cultivates beauty.

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It smells good perfume!

Goutal Paris

Scents that are inspired by a mixture of poetry & nature, plants & culture.

The New Cool as well

Fresh water infused with crystals & their beneficial vibrational energy by the New Cool.

Maison Françis Kurkdjian

Designed in the tradition of French perfumery, it nevertheless defends a contemporary vision of perfume.

Molinard Parfums

A historic designer-perfumer considered one of the best French cosmetics in the perfume sector.

Ormaie Paris

Poetic fragrances charged with emotions entirely composed of natural ingredients.

Memo Paris

According to Memo’s motto, creating a perfume is a matter of patience & high standards in order to achieve the desired olfactory landscape.

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& how about home then?

Huygens Paris

Aromatherapy from the inside with a real natural pharmacy.

Frédéric Malle

Editions born from a total freedom to create while respecting quality.

But also Diptyque

A master of extraction techniques without denaturing the active molecules of plants, even the most fragile.

Esteban Paris

A brand that pampers your interior.

Aroma-Zone to conclude

A wide selection of natural & organic products to clean & maintain your home & your laundry.

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