Which colors suit you the best ? Some colors bring out more than others depending on the color of the complexion, eyes & hair. Thus, here are our tips are an image consultant company!

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The Summer man or woman has a rosy complexion, intense eyes & a more or less fair hair. Therefore, soft but cool colors are ideal.

You have a fair, rosy or porcelain complexion ; intense blue, blue-gray, gray-green, olive-green, dark brown or black eyes as well as a white, ash blond, platinum, dark brown or brunette hair.

Thus, your color palette consists of cool, light colors including sky blue, pearl gray, pale green, pastel, off-white, light yellow, pearly pink, powder pink, soft red, garnet, fuchsia, raspberry, plum, parma or turquoise.

In addition, silver, white gold as well as cold and light colored gems are recommended.

However try to avoid golden, strong cold shades & bright warm colors.

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The Spring man or woman has the eyes & the hair more or less fair as well as a golden complexion. In consequence, he or she needs soft, warm colors.

You have a golden, beige, yellow beige or peach complexion ; light blue, light gray, light green or light brown eyes & a golden blond, honey, venetian blond, light red, light to medium chestnut hair.

Warm, light & soft shades are consequently ideal as light browns, pastel colors, apple green, light green, pistachio green, ivory, pearl pearly, golden yellow, straw yellow, caramel, apricot, salmon, coral, tea rose, poppy red, taupe, lavender, periwinkle blue, soft navy blue & turquoise are your best color palette.

Also, you need jewelry in light yellow gold & light warm gems.

On the other hand, color contrasts, strong warm colors as well as strong cold colors are less advantageous.

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Fall man or woman has a golden complexion with copper to brown hair & dark eyes. Thus, warm & bright colors are the must.

You have the complexion is dark beige, golden, bronze or dark ; brown, hazel, pale green or golden green eyes ; golden brown, coppery chestnut, flaming red, hot chocolate or pepper & salt hair.

Select your color palette by including all warm, pearly & iridescent hues : forest & olive green, beige, caramel, rust, chestnut brown, bronze, saffron, golden yellow & brown, dark honey, orange, brick, vermilion, crimson red & copper.

On the other hand, your jewels will be dark yellow gold as well as hot & dark colored gems.

Not recommended : cool colors & conversely bright warm colors like pastel.

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The winter man or woman has a dark complexion, clear eyes & a dark hair. In consequence, his or her best of are the cold & bright hues.

Your complexion is reddish, dark or greenish ; eyes brown, black, blue green or gray green ; hair is dark brunette, dark brown, black, bluish black or dark gray.

Cold & bright colors are suitable, including black, forest green, pure white, tyrian pink, ruby, fuchsia, pearly pink, carmine, cardinal violet, dark blue, navy blue, super Pacifique blue, azure blue & icy blue.

The jewels to focus on are silver, white gold & gems with frank cold hues.

However, the faded & pale cold colors as well as the warm colors are less advantageous.

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Complementary color tips & contouring by the colors

Mixing complementary colors from the color circle will help you avoid any fashion faux pas.

Indeed, each color has its opposite which contradicts itself, contrasts but coordinates perfectly. In addition, some colors are not only the allies of our complexion. They give us the ability to slim or plump parts of our body.

Light shades accentuate & highlight the curves. White & nude colors as well as warm & vivid colors are perfect if you wish to bring more volume & dimension to your silhouette.

While dark colors hollow & slim. Black is the perfect example as well as cold & sober colors.

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