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90 Suits Paris is a human-sized company who attaches a great importance to its proximity with all its customers wherever they are. Therefore, we remain at your disposal 24/7 days in Paris & abroad for all your requests including your urgent ones.

Feel free to contact us by Whatsapp but also by email, message, phone & via social media. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Our fashion experiences are available for everyone, women, men, children, LGBTQI+, all sizes, all shapes, all styles, all ages & all budgets, in French as well as in English.

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Customizable & personalized services

We carry out several services of personal shopping, styling & image consulting. Contact us for your specific requests that we will be happy to study.

Depending on your request, we establish a form intended to identify your fashion needs. Indeed, clearly identifying your needs allows us to better meet your expectations, to do targeted research & to make personalized proposals. Thus, you can choose from our selection of brands & exclusive items in Paris!

Then we take care of everything, from the purchase to the shipping of the items in France & internationally.

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Our core business :

authenticity, exclusivity & creativity

90 Suits Paris offers its customers authentic pieces with original bill & certificate & are delivered in their original box with their original shopping bag. Because some items are very rare, we cannot answer all requests but we try to satisfy them as best as we can.

In addition, we offer clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry & more from fashion houses that are available on the international market but which can have pieces exclusively sold in Paris.

Finally, we attach great importance to promote the work of young French designers who, thanks to their talent & innovative spirit, will be able to enhance your wardrobe with unique, trendy pieces that are also ergonomic, comfortable, ethical & eco-friendly.

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