Another crucial image advice & personal shopper tips, the choice & mix of prints & patterns. Indeed, there are some rules to know in order to avoid any fashion missteps. If you’re having trouble wearing prints, here are tips, ideas & the latest prints trends !

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Prints according to your body type

The stronger the print is, the more sober & flawless the cut should be. It is therefore preferable to avoid too complicated details in order not to weigh down your silhouette & your style.

In addition, tropical patterns such as palm trees, foliage, pineapples or parrots are very heavy. It is therefore necessary to prefer fluid fabrics for these prints.

Small prints, moreover close together, reduce volumes. Consequently, they wonderfully suit pulpy morphologies.

At the contrary, horizontal & thick stripes increase the volume of the silhouette in the same way as the large spaced patterns. The horizontal stripes as well as the large spaced patterns are therefore more suitable for tall & slim women.

Finally, the vertical stripes are perfect for those who are looking for a more slender silhouette !

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Ideas of prints mix & match

Prints can very well be combined with other prints if they have the same tone or the same theme.

In addition, it is possible to mix two or more prints brilliantly provided that the whole outfit is harmonious. Stripes & polka dots are easily combined with many prints.

So how to combine prints according to your personality & your style ? Here are some examples…

For the most discreet of us, mix a printed piece with a plain color piece without forgetting to accessorize your look for a beautiful finish.

If you are a true fashionista, what do you think about the total monogrammed look? However, it must be made with a great quality.

Finally for those who are not afraid to dare, combine 2 different prints such as stripes with floral prints. Again, always on condition of being in the same tones & materials.

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Prints & trends

Among the trendiest prints of the moment, there are :

– the very glamorous monogram ;

– the tie & dye, a must have for your wardrobe ;

– abstract art with representations of paintings ;

– tiles & checkers for a chic style ;

– animal prints including leopard, zebra, python, crocodile or even dalmatian ;

– floral prints for a romantic look ;

– tropical prints if you want an exotic & summer outfit ;

– vertical stripes which lengthen & refine the silhouette ;

– horizontal stripes which on the contrary bring volume & dimension to the silhouette ;

– the patchwork of colors for the fashion experts ;

– ethnic prints for a bohemian touch ;

– wax, from the skirt to the shorts ;

– finally thematic prints such as astrology, the sea or even newspapers.

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Trendy printed pieces

The most trendy printed pieces are definitely :

– printed shoes & more particularly sandals & shoes with printed platform ;

– bags including monograms ;

– the ethnic printed bracelet in particular ;

– checkered scarves ;

– chic themed scarves ;

– animal print coats ;

– but also plaid jackets ;

– tie & dye sweatshirts ;

– the kimono with Japanese symbols ;

– the shirt with bandana prints ;

– polka dot blouses ;

– pants with horizontal stripes ;

– dresses with floral print ;

– finally exotic outfits like a pantsuit or a crop top with its high waist skirt.

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