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As a luxury concierge & fashion concierge, here is our guide for the perfect gift for all occasions & all tastes. Therefore accompanied by our gift ideas !

1. The opportunity to offer

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day without forgetting the celebration of a career promotion or the signing of an important contract, the opportunity to offer gives real direction to the gift’s selection. Ultimately, it will give you indications, especially for parties, celebrations & professional relations.

2. The gift recipient

The relationship you have with the recipient of the gift, whether it is a professional, sentimental, family or even friendly relationship, is very fundamental in the choice of the gift. Respecting this relationship in the choice of gift will only strengthen it in this regard.

3. His/her tastes

It is essential to pay attention to the tastes of the recipient of the gift & therefore to his/her personality, special interest but also lifestyle. If you know well the tastes of the recipient of the gift, take the opportunity to show him/her the interest that you bring him/her by choosing for example his/her favorite brand, color or hobby. On the other hand if you know too little about his/her tastes, be attentive & observant but also dare to ask a few subtle questions about his/her tastes. Ultimately, such an approach can only be appreciated!

4. Her/his expectations & needs

Having an idea of ​​the expectations & needs of the recipient of the gift is ideal. First, knowing the needs will allow you to offer a truly useful gift. Second, knowing the expectations will avoid disappointment. But what about surprises? In fact, it is difficult to have an idea of ​​expectations & needs in this case, however staying tuned & observing remains effective. What could facilitate the daily life of the recipient of the gift? What is the latter missing in her/his dressing room? Does she/he need a wellness gift to relax? Etc.

5. Your budget

Determining your budget is a mandatory step in order to know your options. Whether you have a small or a large budget, it must therefore be established. As a consequence, compensate a small budget by the choice of handcrafted gifts with noble raw materials or activities off the beaten track. For a larger budget, rarity, quality & exceptional production are criteria to be favored. Likewise restaurants, travel & trips are better indeed when they combine originality with authenticity without forgetting the touch of luxury.

6. The time at your disposal

Do you want to plan your gift in advance or are you taken short? You will have more or less options depending on the time you have. If you can prepare it in advance, don’t hesitate to make lists of ideas, discuss them with your relatives or seek professional advice. For exceptional gifts, you may have to deal with waiting lists of several months. For this reason, book as soon as possible, even if it means changing your mind in the meantime! However, if you are making a last minute gift, keep it simple & effective. Feel free to have a relative accompany you for a second opinion & dare to seek advice from professionals such as sellers, providers but also the 90 Suits Paris team who will be happy to help you 24/7.

7. Your personality

A gift is certainly to please the recipient of the gift but your personality should not be forgotten. In fact, your personality must be reflected in the choice of gift to show your interest & involvement. Basically, be yourself, respecting your values ​​& budget.

8. The message

Sometimes more than the gift itself, it’s the message that counts. Whether you are offering to show your love, gratitude or interest in the recipient of the gift, the message is important to emphasize. Therefore you can for example personalize your gift with a message, a poem, an engraving, a special packaging, a personalization but also a dedication & much more…

9. The right time to offer

How to choose the right time to offer? The ideal is to subtly question the recipient of the gift in order to know her/his schedule but also her/his mood. Ultimately, favor a quiet moment, when you have some time & a great atmosphere. But above all savor your pleasure of offering!

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Finally our list of little shows

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  • Chichi Castelnango underwear for glamorous, chic & sweet lingerie
  • A professional photoshoot with a photographer, MUAH & personal shopper by 90 Suits Paris for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, mother…
  • & to conclude, a set of deep & personalized hair care signed Leonor Greyl Paris

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