As fashion enthusiasts, here is our selection of French brands of luxury accessories that make us crack (and yet heat the bank card…)!

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Luxury leather goods to rediscover


A selection of bags for women & men but certainly elegant & sharp.

L’étrange Paris

L’Etrange Paris is the know-how of fine French leather goods.


A very conventional but highly selective French house with its famous Birkin & Kelly.


An exceptional trunk maker? Certainly Goyard.


Discover Moynat if you want a touch of personality (& personalize your bags)!


For bags, from Lady Dior to Saddle, inspired by different cultures.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton for its resolutely modern pieces for city vibes.


A historic house not to be missed.

Moreau Paris

If you want unique bags & luggage.

François-Joseph Graf

A defender of French crafts and know-how for leather goods with eclectic lines.

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Leatherworkers with a smaller budget


Known for its famous folding bags but also its latest mesh bag.


The most international of French leather goods brand.


The DNA of this house : the cosmopolitan reinterpretation of the traditional straw bag.

Polene Paris

The trendiest of fine leather goods brands.


For chic & uninhibited handbags.

Amélie Pichard

A real phenomenon in the world of Parisian fashion with its bags branded with a crocodile.

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The belts of the most beautiful houses

Delage Paris

For the beautiful & the durable together.


With Balmain, the belt is no longer an accessory but the centerpiece of your look.

Duret Paris

Belts entirely made & sewn by hand with a wide selection for men.

Maison Boinet

La Maison Boinet is ideal for unique pieces.


We love the rock chic style of Saint Laurent belts.

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The French shoes brands we love

Roger Vivier

The shoes are made with precious Italian leathers, shimmering fabrics & colored stones.


More than prima ballerina’s ballet shoes.

Michel Vivien

Michel Vivien, these are intuitive, contemplative & demanding creations.

Clergerie Paris

Because we love their chic but also modern shoes.

Pierre Hardy

With its 100% trendy sneakers & boots.

Olgana Paris

A new French house specializing in luxury footwear. We love her vertiginous heels!


Sober & elegant Parisian pieces!

Carel Paris

We love the refinement of the babies & pumps.

Bettina Vermillon

A French brand of luxury shoes created by a woman for resolutely uncomplicated & confident women!

M. Moustache

Recycled & eco-friendly sneakers which elevate your outfit of the day.

Maison Skorpios

A luxury shoe maker specialized in boots.

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Exceptional French jewelry


For unique jewelries inspired by the history of France.


& his creations with plenty of spirit,


Luxury jewelries made with a great modernity.


When we love originality.


& its beautiful business women & men’s watches.


To wear on special occasions but not only …


If you are looking for sensuality;

Dinh Van

From high jewelry to iconoclastic inspirations.

Karpov Paris

Russian-inspired creations with delicate finishes.

Copin Fr

An exclusive French jeweler with a unique identity.

Persée Paris

A collection of light & contemporary 18 carat gold jewelry.

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Costume jewelery made in France!


Very Parisian modern & timeless pieces!

Aurélie Bidermann

A French house of jewelery as well as high-fashion jewellery.

Sylvia Toledano

For lovers of semi-precious stones.

Jordane Somville

Brilliantly mixing porcelain & metal, Jordane Somville collections are entirely handmade in small series.


Fluid & feminine jewelry that promotes movement.


Jewelry designed as energies to wear.

Huguette Paris

Qualitative, waterproof & hypoallergenic jewels.

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The selection of glovers & hatters


With its handcrafted creations.


A young creative & daring French company.

Lavabre Cadet

A French Maison which combines know-how & prestige in its exceptional workshop.

Courtois Paris

For tailor made female & male hats & caps.

Michel Paris

& its original haute couture pieces.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is a dose of elegance & colors with hats with clean lines.

La Cerise sur le Chapeau

We love its impeccable selection of berets but not only!

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Head jewelry designers!

Alexandre de Paris

For luxurious & elegant jewelry for hair.

Cerises de Mars

Jewelry & silks for even more magical & majestic hair.

Valerie Valentine Paris

A brand specializing in leather hair accessories & head jewelry.

Balmain Hair Couture

The only fashion brand in the world of hairdressing.

Venus and Gaia

The perfect hair accessories that respect your hair grow !

Les Couronnes de Victoire

Stunning flowery hair accessories for weddings & special occasions, finally !

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